Операция “Фабрикация”

Эксклюзивный VIDEO-материал, дающий представление о массовости и системности фабрикаций материалов уголовных дел за незаконный оборот наркотиков в Украине. Видео – с английским переводом.


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Short description:
It is the story about Ukrainian police malfeasance. It is about what they usually do to show false achievements. How they usually curse innocents and imprison them.


Serhey, provoker: My aim was to bring drugs into apartment, to prepare them, to plant marked money.

The  Ukrainian police force drug addicts to provoke citizens to do crime.  The addicts plant drugs to victims, and after that police accuse  innocents and imprison them for «selling» and «preparing drugs». I met one of such addict working informal for police for five years and participating in over the two  hundreds falsified criminal issues. He lives in city Poltava, not far  from capital of Ukraine.

Serhey, provoker: When he is caught and they institute proceedings against him, he has nowhere to go, they institute the whole “bouquet”- storing, production, selling, everything.

Serhey agreed to meet with journalist only at night and on the condition of anonymity. He says: he began to work for Department that fights against Drugs Distribution after he’d been caught on using the psychotropic drug. Police said he had the choice: to provoke everyone they say or to go to the jail. Serhey helped to institutecounterfeited proceedings against more than 200 persons. Policemen used him both as a provoker and as a witness.

Serhey, provoker: We receive marked money and empty syringes in witnesses’ presence, but we don’t need to go to drug-abusers. As purchasers we just stand round the corner, we are given tea or something similar to drugs, to give it back in witnesses’ presence as material evidence of purchase. Money we’ve been given to in witnesses’ presence we give back to police and they plant them to the victim during the arrest.

This is one of Serhey’s victims. Volodymyr paid with freedom for letting his ex-friend come into the house with drugs. Now he may spent five years in jail.

Volodymyr: I can catch the taxi, leave the package, then call police, tell the number and say: it’s distribution. The same way you can be arrested for nothing.

Ukrainians heard about Serhey’s story when his appeal to Minister of Internal Affairs had been put to Internet. The man agreed to name all the policemen who’d made him break the law. Police of Poltava city decided to justify themselves.

Yiriy Sulaev, head of Department for connection with massmedia Ministryof Internal affairs of Ukraine in Poltava: Policehasn’t recruited anyone. These persons tell the information about the places where they buy drugs by they own free will

But where did ex-drug-abuser Serhey find cell phone numbers of police agents and even the numbers of Poltava District Departments chiefs – law enforcement agencies can’t explain. Journalist decided to dial one of the numbers.

Journalist: “Hello is it police agent Oleksiy?”

Police officer: “Yes”.

Journalist: “It is journalist of TV company”.

Police officer: (laughing).

Journalist: One of your citizens complains that You force him to plant drugs to innocents. Can you comment it?

Police officer: “I can, I can comment, I can say three words to you: FUCK YOU”.

Human rights activists are sure – there a lot of persons who like Serhey work for Police in Ukraine. But often they just are too frightened to tell about the law breaking.

Andriy Didenko, human rights activist

These people are being kept within such bounds, life makes them to depend on drugs. And Police use them in their own needs.

Meanwhile the reports on new policemen achievements who find narco-dens and narco-laboratories in townsmen’ apartments are published on the pages of Ukrainian mass media almost every day.


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