Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!        We, clients of ST (substitutive therapy) program, request you about the aid in resolution of a question about the prescription application of a substitutive therapy. . Our program is being continued the third year and for this time enormous changes occurred in lives of the majority of us. People have obtained chance to live, to live both for themselves and for their relatives and close ones, to live for the whole society. There are only 56 of us. When we came into the project we were 56 pressed by life lone persons. Only 8 of us worked. Now we are completely self-confident group of people, who realize responsibility before their families and the society for the result of our treatment.  39 of us are already placed in jobs. We understand the entire revolutionary character of the method of the substitutive supporting therapy. But to improve the quality of the conducted treatment, we request the fastest introduction into the practice the application of prescription delivery of the medication (ST). In order to understand us it is necessary to be us! Necessity of daily visits to outpatient clinic impede our full-blooded life, significantly reduces the employment opportunity (to obtain a good job is difficult anyway, and necessity to spend 2-3 hours on a visit to doctor makes it almost impracticable) and is too expensive for us (fare is 6-7 grn every day, and in certain cases even 10-12 grn.). Being in crime and being occupied by crime there were always a lot of ways to get money. But now, when we have rejected this sphere, search for money has become a serious problem for us. The absence of a real possibility to make a business trip, to visit relatives, to go on leave can not contribute our social adaptation.  We can’t even somehow plan our life. We are doomed to live by present day. The practice of Saturday dual dosages does not solve the “problem of day off”. Many of us sufficiently difficult withstand use of dual dose of medication, and feel discomfort on Sundays nevertheless. We sure that an output exists, but why people don’t hear us? Prescriptions introduction into the practice will considerably lighten and simplify the work of doctor-expert in narcology. Transfer of 10-12 patients into the prescription delivery of the medication will free doctor and will enable him to concentrate on the solution of problems of other patients. It is also will serve as additional stimulus for the ST participants; it will interest them in the clear and disciplined fulfillment of all rules and orders. Every patient properly interested in his recovery could become reliable passionate ally of a doctor. The liberation of patient from responsibility and necessity of the daily visit to the outpatient clinic will positively affect his possibility of social rehabilitation. We’ll have additional time to solve job placement problems, for example. It will affect our treatment in the best way! Freedom which we can obtain will become a “gesture of trust in us” and will greatly motivate us for reaching qualitative result of treatment. Remove bondage from us! And you’ll get socially active members of civil society! We pray you for help! The degree of society development depends on attitude of the State to the most vulnerable strata of society. But putting application of prescriptions into the practice needs separate order of the Ministry of Public Health. Help State to note us – citizens, who desperately need aid and medical care!   Please, help to turn State face to face to its citizens!

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